Monday, October 21, 2013

Art Basel - A 2013 Retrospective

Art Basel Miami Beach opens for the 12th year in a row on Thursday, December 5th and runs through Sunday, December 8th. Miami Conquistador and Miami Metroblogging have attended every year since 2002, when the show took up only half of Hall D at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Art Basel is like going to the greatest modern art museum in the world - where you can buy whatever you like right off the walls. Selections range from the sublime -

To the controversial.

                                    To the Bizarre. This walking exhibit is not for sale.

All ages are welcome, though some parents may need to be open minded. 

Modern art does not mean just from yesterday - it can really go back to 1900 or so - when Picasso got his start. Keith Haring's work , over 30 years old ,is still considered relatively new. 

Best of all - Ar Basel has put Miami on the culture map - and Jet Setters from round the world fly in for the world's biggest modern art fair. 

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